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Data & Business Intelligence Specialist

Job Description

As a Business Analyst, you will work as a part of a diverse team of Business operation, IT Platform, Finance, etc to drive the business through data driven customer insights. You will explore data for cotrolling and make the data process better from database source to warehouse data of Blanja.com so that the business user can use the data.

  • Analize & provide data for business users in answering complex business data questions
  • Checking and manage warehouse data always up-to-date or balance with business planning (Data Cleaning)
  • Create and maintance ETL Process

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Engineering or other related fields
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to process & clean data, identify & analyze trends, create insight, and good in Logic and Algorithms
  • Min 2+ years of data related experience
  • Having experience working directly with business users to build reports, dashboards and solving business questions with data.
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and attention to details in prior work.
  • Have programming skill (java)
  • Have knowledge and skill ETL (concept and experience on project implementation) proceesing (Talend), google analytic
  • Native SQL Query Languages (SQL-92 and Advance SQL).
  • Familliar with MariaDB, Oracle, AWS
  • Have skill Ms. Excel power pivot, and Power BI is preferred
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